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The WILDE Foundation

The WILDE Foundation was established for the training and personal coaching of vulnerable women and girls in the UK, Caribbean and Africa. With a strong focus on work in London and the UK, our mission is to educate women and girls globally to embrace economic empowerment through creativity.

We know from our experience and research that women who are in charge of their own finances tend not to linger in abusive relationships.

Protect the girl child

Our aims:

FREE ME TO BE ME, CPD-Accredited Training

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We are in partnership with Maendeleo Services and CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation in West London, delivering our flagship training programme, FREE ME TO BE ME Domestic Abuse Ambassador Training, for women and girls who want to empower and support other women and girls who are going through domestic abuse. The WILDE Foundation has been successful in getting the training course CPD-certified, so we are delighted to say that it is now accredited.

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Our FREE ME TO BE ME training programme gives women a toolkit to enable them to carry out self-assessments, give basic advice and support to their peers, friends and relatives who are experiencing domestic abuse, and signpost to the correct agencies. The course is suitable for health visitors, probation officers, bank staff, teachers, medical staff, students, social care staff and domestic abuse support workers, in fact anyone who works with the public.

FREE ME To Be Me team

Our Domestic Abuse Ambassador Training accredited programme draws on over 60 years’ of combined experience of gender base experts and facilitators of domestic violence and sexual violence workshops.

As we work to highlight the insidious acts of domestic abuse and sexual violence against women and girls, our working partnership continues to grow. We are working to support survivors of gender-based violence, and we continue to make global contacts with women’s groups, organisations and companies across the globe who are working to eliminate sexual and domestic abuse and harmful practices against women and girls through creativity and economic empowerment.

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Protect the Girl Child Campaign

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Help raise funds and awareness to stop sexual and domestic abuse and harmful hidden practices against women and girls, globally

To plan for a day, catch a fish; to plan for a year, plant rice; to plan for a decade, plant a tree; but to plan for a lifetime, educate a girl.

Protect The Girl Child is our ongoing campaign to help raise awareness and funds to stop harmful hidden practices against women and girls by encouraging financial autonomy.

The story behind the Protect the Girl Child campaign is one of child sexual abuse.

Mindy hardly knew her father. He would come out of the blue to visit her perhaps once a year, bringing sweets and toys, and then he was gone. She lived with her maternal grandparents, as her mother was a drug addict. When her father came to see her that summer, she had just turned 11. She was surprised that he wanted to take her to stay with him for the holidays - he never had before. She was excited too, until she got there and realised she had to sleep in his bed with him. Not only that, but he told her she was now a young woman and ready for lessons a father has to teach his daughter. She was raped that night. And all the nights over the next two years that he kept her away from her grandparents.

We want little girls like Mindy to know what a healthy relationship between a father and a daughter should look like, and this is what our FREE ME TO BE ME Domestic Abuse Ambassador training aims to achieve. Every £1 you give goes a good way to making this happen.


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Young WILDE is a creative project of The WILDE Foundation, aimed at young women aged 11 to 25 (there are two groups respectively, 11 to 15-year-olds and 16 to 25-year-olds), using creative tools to combat domestic and sexual abuse.

In recent years there has been a growing awareness of teenage relationship abuse, with teenage girls now considered to be the group at greatest risk from violent relationships.

Rasheda and girls

There is a lot of work to be done in terms of boosting confidence, self-worth and self-esteem in some of our young people, and we aim to accomplish this through creative and entrepreneurial projects.

Young WILDE aims:

These are all things they don’t learn in education or at home. In today’s society this lack of awareness in young women leads to problems such as domestic violence and teenage pregnancy.